Intentional Notes

IGL’s Guide to Intentional Packing

On our recent trip to Israel, we did something we never, ever do: we took a cab to the airport [gasp!]. We usually brave the inevitable bus-to-tube-to-probably-cancelled-train journey to Gatwick or Heathrow Airports. But before this trip, despite repeated warnings from Brits not to do so, I booked our flights out of Luton Airport because…


The Intentional Guide to the V60

If you’ve read even just a few of our posts, you’ve probably caught on to our coffee obsession (see: our Intentional Guide to the Aeropress). Brewing coffee in the morning is a ritual of sorts for both of us. Each brewing method has a purpose. I view the Aeropress as the everyday treat – the…


Intentional Guide to the Aeropress

There is my life before the Aeropress, and my life after the Aeropress. Before: bitter, cumbersome, inconsistent, resigned to mediocrity. After Aeropress came into my life? Well, I’m still all those things, but at least my coffee is now consistently convenient, fast, ultra-smooth, and delicious! I used to make my coffee with a French press,…


Field Notes

Eating Our Way Through Israel (and other funtivities)

When we told people we were going to Israel in July, the reaction was always the same – “Why are you going in July?”. Fair question. July is Israel’s hottest month of the year, and Israel is a stiflingly hot country. The answer – our good friends were getting married in Tel Aviv, and their…


Isle of Skye – The Ridge (Part 3 of 3)

Howling wind. Blinding hail. Shaking legs. Cowering on the precipitous ridge in the Cuillin Hills, five or so feet away from the peak of Sgur na Banachdaich, I burrowed my legs into the scree and refused to move. Mike and Uncle Andy were perched atop the peak with two other climbers, waiting for me to make…


Isle of Skye – Wet ‘n Wild Camping (Part 1 of 3)

Recently, Mike and I came across a quote from Francis Mallman, an Argentinian chef famous for his Patagonian cuisine and over-the-fire cooking techniques – “I think human beings need contradictions. We need opposites. We need to sleep in a five-star hotel and we need to sleep under a tree. The distance and the difference between those…


Kitchen Notes

Wild Garlic Chicken

Friends and family tend to ask us what the hardest adjustment to life in London has been. One of the first answers that always comes to mind for both of us is grocery shopping. In the U.S., grocery shopping involves one big weekly shop where you drive your car down to the massive chain grocery…


Isle of Skye – Coffee, Oysters, Whiskey, and a Gourmet Meal (Part 2 of 3)

As we’ve developed our traveling habits, we’ve come to learn that we really enjoy skimping in some areas so that we can splurge in others – i.e. eat freeze dried meals and wild camp for free, and then sign up for the “Kitchen Table” experience at The Three Chimneys for one of the best meals we’ve ever…


Maximize Your Butter Consumption with Eggs Benedict for Breakfast

The key to a quality weekend morning is beginning with a full [MC: butter soaked] breakfast. Mike and I start planning our weekend cooking at least four or five days ahead of time (you think I’m exaggerating…I’m not) [MC: it takes a bit of effort to stock up on enough eggs and butter]. Often, we’ll think…