Intentional Notes

Intentional Living: Year 2

Well, 2017 certainly was quite a year! In some ways, it felt like it would never end. That’s if you pay attention to the news, anyway. But in other ways, it went by in a flash. I look back at the year feeling pretty darn lucky, actually. And that probably has a lot to do…


The Intentional Evening Routine

If you’ve been with us for awhile now, you know that we are creatures of habit (especially Mike). Our morning routine, in particular, has evolved into a well-organized practice. Early wake up, stretching or yoga, coffee, journaling, quiet time with each other over more coffee (alright, alright…we both drink at least three a day, stop counting!),…


Intentional Guide to Kitchen Tools – Gift Ideas for the One Who Loves to Cook

Being a great cook doesn’t require all of the fanciest and most expensive gadgets (MC: but it certainly helps!). In fact, some of our favorite meals we’ve cooked have been prepared in the outdoors with just a few necessary items and iffy weather conditions (shoutout to our outdoor cooking inspo, Ben Quinn of Woodfired Kitchen).…


Field Notes

Living Life on the Edge – The Cliffs of Moher

Within 30 minutes of setting foot on Irish soil, we piled into a rental car. My mom had assured us it would be a full sized vehicle. Instead, it turned out to be a compact clown car. My parents, my brother, and I nestled ourselves in between all of our luggage while my patient husband navigated us…


Intentional Guide to Traveling With Purpose – From Mountain Hut to Hiša Franko

I’ve quoted him before, and I’ll quote him again. “I think human beings need contradictions. We need opposites. We need to sleep in a five-star hotel and we need to sleep under a tree. The distance and the difference between those two extremes are what makes us happy and what makes us think and what…


Heaven on Earth is the Soča Valley

We’d seen photos. We’d heard rumors. But we were not prepared for the angelic emerald blue of the Soča River, and the majesty of the Julian Alps towering above the Soča Valley. After our two day trek up and down Triglav, Slovenia’s tallest mountain, we nestled ourselves in the famous valley that many have never…


Kitchen Notes

The Perfect Winter Soup – Sweet Potato Soup with Rum Cream

When the candles are lit, and the holiday tunes are crankin’, what are some of your favorite dishes to make? One of my absolute favorites is my mom’s Sweet Potato Soup With Rum Cream. In my family’s house growing up, my dad usually got most of the credit for the epic levels reached each meal…


Homemade Bread – The Perfect Thanksgiving Contribution

A perk of living abroad – you have American friends who are desperate to cling to American traditions and you have British friends who are fascinated by American gatherings that revolve around eating and want to partake. AKA multiple Thanksgiving celebrations and #allofthefood. (Our British friends – “Do you really eat marshmallows on sweet potatoes?!?” My answer:…


Creamy Tomato Chicken Casserole – Otherwise Known as ‘Boom-di-yay’

Last Saturday, Mike and I were in the middle of a beautiful grocer in Wales. We’d popped into town before our hike to pick up ingredients for dinner later that night. With the full intention of buying some local beef and seasonal veggies. I was standing in front of a display of artisanal pasta and…