Intentional Notes

The Intentional Guide to the V60

If you’ve read even just a few of our posts, you’ve probably caught on to our coffee obsession (see: our Intentional Guide to the Aeropress). Brewing coffee in the morning is a ritual of sorts for both of us. Each brewing method has a purpose. I view the Aeropress as the everyday treat – the…


Intentional Guide to the Aeropress

There is my life before the Aeropress, and my life after the Aeropress. Before: bitter, cumbersome, inconsistent, resigned to mediocrity. After Aeropress came into my life? Well, I’m still all those things, but at least my coffee is now consistently convenient, fast, ultra-smooth, and delicious! I used to make my coffee with a French press,…


The Intentional Approach to Exercise

Towards the end of 2016, two things coincided that caused me to change my approach to my workout routine – Mike and I started planning out this blog and a more intentional approach to life; and I sprained my ankle during only my fourth week of a 12-week marathon training program. Highs and Lows of…


Field Notes

Isle of Skye – Wet ‘n Wild Camping (Part 1 of 3)

Recently, Mike and I came across a quote from Francis Mallman, an Argentinian chef famous for his Patagonian cuisine and over-the-fire cooking techniques – “I think human beings need contradictions. We need opposites. We need to sleep in a five-star hotel and we need to sleep under a tree. The distance and the difference between those…


Brecon Beacons Wild Camping – Round Two

Symptoms: Mind craving green and blue Lungs gasping for fresh air Limbs antsy for a challenge Back aching to sleep on the dirt Diagnosis: The Camping Bug It’s official. We’ve caught The Camping Bug. The only way to alleviate the symptoms? Spend more time outside. If you’ve read our blog or you follow me on…


Napoli Pizza!

Zooming motorcyclists. Loud hand gestures (which doesn’t really make sense until you’ve been to Italy). Towering, ancient architecture. Row upon row of laundry hanging between buildings in every alleyway. And the smell of pizza mixed with the sea. Naples is a city full of sensory triggers – and pizza is the Napoli Sensory Queen. Naples’ Best…


Kitchen Notes

Isle of Skye – Coffee, Oysters, Whiskey, and a Gourmet Meal (Part 2 of 3)

As we’ve developed our traveling habits, we’ve come to learn that we really enjoy skimping in some areas so that we can splurge in others – i.e. eat freeze dried meals and wild camp for free, and then sign up for the “Kitchen Table” experience at The Three Chimneys for one of the best meals we’ve ever…


Maximize Your Butter Consumption with Eggs Benedict for Breakfast

The key to a quality weekend morning is beginning with a full [MC: butter soaked] breakfast. Mike and I start planning our weekend cooking at least four or five days ahead of time (you think I’m exaggerating…I’m not) [MC: it takes a bit of effort to stock up on enough eggs and butter]. Often, we’ll think…


Cinnamon Buns

One of the many reasons that we have become so passionate about cooking since we moved to the U.K. is that it offers us a connection to home. When I’m in the mood to experiment with a new pie recipe, I text Mike’s dad and ask him for his best recommendations (these recipes come with…