Intentional Living: Year 2

Well, 2017 certainly was quite a year! In some ways, it felt like it would never end. That’s if you pay attention to the news, anyway. But in other ways, it went by in a flash. I look back at the year feeling pretty darn lucky, actually. And that probably has a lot to do…


The Intentional Evening Routine

If you’ve been with us for awhile now, you know that we are creatures of habit (especially Mike). Our morning routine, in particular, has evolved into a well-organized practice. Early wake up, stretching or yoga, coffee, journaling, quiet time with each other over more coffee (alright, alright…we both drink at least three a day, stop counting!),…


Intentional Guide to Working From Home

Since last October, I’ve been working from home. My previous two “proper” jobs post-university, while very different from each other (geologist turned coffee-shop business manager), both came with established schedules and tasks assigned to me. Now that I’m working a combination of free-lance jobs (digital marketing, web design, writing), it’s been a welcomed but very…

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